About BrainPrint

Founded by Shri M. Venugopal Reddy, a Post Graduate in Maths and a Management expert. He has invested 20+ years in the field of Education in various roles like Trainer, Life skills coach, Mentor has trained numerous individuals. He has inspired many people including students, teachers, professionals and has also been a role model to Business leaders. Smt Shri Lata Venugopal who is also the co-founder and a mentor has been instrumental in building the organization from its roots. She did her Post graduation in Maths with a background of Training, Counseling & Operations. With a domain experience of more than a decade, her guidance has helped immensely in imparting true knowledge to the students and made them shape a successful career.


We are on a mission to create successful students by helping them identify their inborn talents and guiding them through their career goals.


Our Vision and passion are to see that students understand their true potential, enhance their skills and build upon that, which can truly bring them success in life.

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