Benefits of BMIT Test for Students (Age groups 5 years to 18 years)

  • • Understanding student’s intrinsic potential
  • • Know the student’s creative and analytical aptitude. Testing both right and left side of the mind
  • • Know the 9 Multiple Intelligence Distribution
  • • Know personal quotients - IQ, EQ, CQ, and AQ
  • • ATD perspective Analysis and Learning Sensitivity
  • • Know the students best learning communication characters
  • • Comparison between right and left-brain hemispheres
  • • Identify supplementary activities based on BMIT report
  • • Get career guidance based upon the student’s 8 Multiple Intelligences
  • • Analysis of strength and weakness based on student’s brain lobes usage
  • • Brain lobes analysis and BMIT test report will suggest on how to improve on the student’s weaknesses
  • • Know the student’s preferred learning style, visual, auditory and kinesthetic learning style

Why a BMIT Test is needed for students?

  • • Students usually choose their academic subjects based on their parent’s opinion and not as per student’s inborn talent and Multiple Intelligence
  • • Students don’t follow the actual method to study if there is a lack of interest. Parents end up putting a lot of effort to teach or put their children in many activities in the hope of understanding their interests
  • • With the lack of proper career guidance, students are left in a state of confusion
  • • Maximum number of students are not receptive of their capacity and do not know how to go ahead according to their strength and capabilities

BMIT Career Guidance Test

Career Guidance Test is a study of multiple intelligence (MI) theory. This was invented by Dr. Howard Gardner who is a developmental psychologist. According to him, people have various kinds of intelligence and each have their own way of processing information. In fact, he thinks there are about eight different types of Multiple Intelligence. We have almost all of these Multiple Intelligences and some are often better than others. It’s essential to know this MI to acquire the ones which the students are not very good at. All these multiple intelligence's will be defining the Career Personality Test.

Benefits of Career Guidance Test

Identify core multiple intelligence
Understand the student's natural talents and character traits
Identify the most suitable Career field and leadership styles.
know the student's EQ, IQ, CQ, AQ based on Career Guidance Test
Know the student's Work Management Style based on the Test
Know the student's suitable area of interest based on MI Theory
Introspective, Interactive and Analytical Intelligence based on McKenzie Theory
Know the student's Personality Types that are suitable for a career based on Holland’s Theory
Identify the student's core competencies and develop them according to the Career Guidance Test.

Sample Report